This is what I've got so far, but hopefully there will be much more to come in the future. Dealing with a preschooler all day has significantly decreased my production.

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Devil's Playthings

It's been almost sixty years since the Daemons came to Earth and brought magic with them. Since then, magic has been integrated with technology in the territories claimed by higher ranking Daemons, allowing much of science fiction to become fact. Life in most territories is, if not idyllic, then at least relatively normal, for varying definitions of normal. But beneath that facade, trouble awaits.

When Marc Jasper was taken as Familiar to the Daemon Lazael, he had no idea that his life would turn out the way it had. After nearly six decades, Marc had become the figurehead of Lazael's business empire, handing off the reigns to those who were more interested in the daily machinations of a multi-national company. Now he spends his days giving speeches and rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful, and he's bored. When a string of unusual kidnappings is brought to his attention, ones where magic was obviously used to thwart investigators, Marc is drawn to help find the culprit. Unfortunately, nothing is as simple as it seems, and along the way Marc discovers that not only are children's lives at stake, but magic and possibly the world as well.

As the Crow Flies

She left her homeland, running from the murder of her father and an imagined crime. Three years later she returns, looking for something that she cannot quite define until she hears the rumors. North. That is where she’ll find answers to the plague that swept through Lef and forever changed her world. North. That is where the truth can be found. But when disturbing dreams haunt her and she begins to fall ill, she wonders if she's being driven by her need, or by another's.

Close behind is Grote. Nursing a disfigured jaw and wounded pride, he will stop at nothing to catch up with her and make her pay for her crimes against him. He has waited three years for her to return to Lef but his patience is wearing thin. He cannot rest until he finds her and sees the fear in her eyes as his fingers close on her throat. He has competition, though, because if her illness doesn't kill her, the remaining people of Lef just might.